Our company regularly donates in kind and in cash to various deserving charities and associations. In addition, we donate our machines and labour to maintain small rural dirt roads and clearing or grading of fields for schools and Village Development initiatives.

Our unskilled and semi-skilled labour are sourced from the local communities located in the vicinity of the project as far as is possible. On the job training is then provided to all our employees where necessary. We give local suppliers and Subcontractors every assistance to participate in our projects. We provide assistance and training to aspirant suppliers and Subcontractors to help them meet the project's requirements in respect of performance, quality and economy, and with the provision of support services such as setting out, quality control, inventory management and cost control


EH Construction has a governance structure that comprises of a Board of Directors and a Management team that includes the Contracts Managers and Project Managers and all Senior Management Staff. This structure provides a comprehensive framework to ensure that the governance processes are implemented and to balance the interests of all company stakeholders. Our staff subscribe to professional bodies and are principled individuals.


EH Construction’s Senior Staff boast of a wide range of experience that covers many areas in the Civil Engineering Field of Contracting. Training of junior site staff is an on-going exercise that ensures top quality workmanship on our construction sites.

All operators are CITF certified. EH Construction is committed to improving the training of all staff through offsite and onsite training.


We are committed to the health and safety of all our employees, interested and affected parties, as well as environmental impacts which may result from our acts and omissions.

The scope of the SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) management protocols cover all operational aspects and activities that have the potential to affect, both positively or negatively, the health and safety of the environment, or community.

The SHE management system applies to all EH Construction’s projects and operations. The various operations undertaken, determine the complexity of individual elements within the SHE programme.

EH Construction is committed to:

  • Actively participate and promote an effective programme to minimise risks to the health and safety of all employees and any negative impact on the natural environment.
  • The management team is committed to ensuring that systems are reviewed continually to ensure that risks are contained at tolerable levels.
  • We aim to ensure compliance towards all Health, Safety and Environmental requirements as set out by the various applicable legislations and client specifications.
  • Compliance with the EH Construction SHE Management System.
  • Creating a positive attitude towards the implementation and adherence to the SHE Management System.
  • To identify all the hazards, risks, aspects, impacts and implement control measures accordingly.


EH Construction recognises that construction has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity. The protection of the environment is one of our major corporate responsibilities; it is a guiding principle in the operation of our business, and a key component in the measurement of our business performance.

Our Commitment is to:

  • Identify, meet or exceed the environmental legislation, standard and codes of practice that relate to the company activities.
  • Reduce our consumption of resources and improve the efficient use of those resources.
  • Continuously improve our environmental performances and integrate environmental best practice into our business operations.
  • Access, measure, record and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our business activities.
  • Manage our business operations to prevent pollution.
  • Manage our waste generated from our environmental performance through effective communication, provision of staff training and adoption of best techniques available.
  • Seek to influence our clients to adopt, and our designers to provide solutions that benefit the environment.
  • Be a respectful neighbour by minimizing the impact that our activities, sites and premises have on local communities.
  • Protect and where feasible, enhance biodiversity on sites and premises where we hold responsibilities or can influence those who do.


EH Construction endeavours to adopt a zero-accident tolerance attitude to any occurrence that threatens the Health, Safety & Environment of our work force and the general public. The management is committed to achieving and sustaining "ZERO ACCIDENT TOLERANCE" through continuous improvement practices.


  • No Workplace Injuries and Occupational Diseases.
  • No Accidents.
  • Promote HSE as an integral part of our day to day activities
  • Spread Health, Safety and Environment plan throughout the organization.
  • Enhance employee awareness and involvement in Health, Safety & Environment program implementation.
  • Optimize the use of continuous improvement practices as the basis for "Zero accident tolerance" initiative.
  • Eliminate all Environmental impact aspects.

Responsibility of Individuals

EH Construction assigns the utmost importance to SHE and accident prevention to ensure that all employees are provided a Safe and Healthy Working Environment. The success of the policy requires all levels of personnel, from Management and employees, to become totally supportive and to develop a thorough understanding of HSE Regulation or procedure as it pertains to their respective jobs.


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